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The Colorado Parks Foundation (CPF) is an independent Private Foundation benefitting parks, trails, waterways, and recreation in the State of Colorado. Founded in 1985, the CPF was created to promote,advocate and provide funding support for parks throughout Colorado local, regional and state based. The CPF raises funds that are placed in an endowment to carry out its mission: To enhance parks across Colorado with annual financial support; To support and advocate for the betterment of parks across Colorado; To assist in providing citizens and visitors a means of enjoying pleasure-packed, memorable outdoor experiences.


 The Foundation will accept grants: Only when the proceeds of such grants will be used within the territorial limits of the    State of Colorado and for the benefit of the People of the State of Colorado. 

           Examples of acceptable proposals

1. Equipment needs 

2. Materials for needed structures 

3. Events at parks throughout the State of Colorado 

4. Signage 

5. Planning efforts focused on the realization of additional outdoor amenities within the State of Colorado. 

The Foundation will not accept: 

1. Grants to organizations, which, in policy or practice, unfairly discriminate by sex, race, national origin, or creed. 

2. Grants for the purchase of tickets to any event or function. 

3. Grants for support of special benefit programs, fund-raising efforts, special appearances by groups or individuals, or for parties,etc. 

4. Grants for support of research or evaluation projects. 

5. Grants involving court-actions.

6. Grants to retire debt. 

7. Grants for one-time projects are preferred over annual or periodic grants, unless for a single identified project or purpose. 

8. Grants to individuals. 

9. Multiple grant requests within the same grant cycle from the same park/ friends group.


The Colorado Parks Foundation accepts grant applications throughout the year on an invitation-only basis. Grant applications must be received at least 45 days prior to the next Board meeting at which they will be considered. Only those applications that are in accord with the Foundation’s Grant Guidelines will be considered. 

All grant questions should be submitted to: 

Courtney Benson, Executive Assistant 

All communications regarding grant guidelines, applications, or procedure should be submitted online via the application invitation. Members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees should not be personally contacted. Contacting individual Board members by mail, telephone, email, in person, or other electronic communication media or means, will negatively impact grant applications.


All applications must utilize and remit the CPF’s online grant application form.

In preparing grant applications, the emphasis should be on quality, brevity and clarity of the information, rather than quantity of format. Any request by the Executive Director for on-site inspection or presentation of additional material or information should not be considered an indication of proposal acceptance by the Foundation. Grant applications will be accepted or denied by email; and no other communication should be considered indicative or dispositive of acceptance or rejection. 

Bi-annual meetings of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees are held in May and November of each year. 

Grant funding must be used within 1 year of receipt of grant. If funding is not used within this time frame the foundation may request the funds be reimbursed. No subsequent grant applications will be allowed until the previous grant is completed.

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